Construction costs in Portugal

Building material /construction costs in Portugal

There are many local builders merchants, and the service is excellent. All material is delivered with little charge, even to remote places. Besides the local stores, we have also the B&Q type chains such as Bricomarché, AKI, Leroy Merlin etc., who have their stores in bigger cities like in Portimao.

Regarding construction costs, Portugal has very cheap building costs due to being the country with the lowest salaries in the EU. Expect about 400-600 Euros/m2 (2014) for a finished new construction of European standard, for renovations figure about 150-300 Euros/m2.

If electricity is not already on the property you can pay to have it installed. As an estimate, the costs are about €1000 per 100m of cable. If the property is located more than 1km from a transformer it can be more expensive and the EDP will need to give you a quote.

The telephone and Internet has a good coverage. Internet quality is getting continuously better. Fiberoptic is also currently being installed in this area.