On this website we showcase abandoned houses, farms and villas that we find during our trips through the West-Algarve. The many places that we spot that beg for a new owner or occupant will all be posted under ‘All Properties‘.

What we do

A Property Hunt. If you can’t find your dream home on this website, you can assign us to go on a property hunt. We will go out and look for your desired property in your desired area. Just fill in this property hunt form to get us going …

Plan a visit. After you found a property of your interest on this website, you can make a viewing appointment. You can do that by filling out this viewing appointment form.

Trace the owner. We are happy to trace the owner of your desired property for you. In case the first owner cannot be found, we find the owner of your second choice at no extra cost. Trace the owner form.

Priority list. If you can’t find your dream home on this website, you can put yourself on the priority list. You will then receive the details of the new found property 5 days before the normal email subscribers. Put yourself on the list.


It all started while driving extensively with the 4WD through the South-West. So many abandoned houses, farms and villas crossed my path, I felt I had to do something with it. I started picturing them and my love for photography and abandoned buildings came together.

The next step was posting them on a simple website for everybody to enjoy. But after a while, people started asking me to look for specific properties for them and since then the Scout was born.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy what you see. And don’t forget to subscribe to receive our latest discoveries into your mailbox.

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