6 hectares with building options

Summertime photos

Springtime photos

  • Easy access
  • 4 km from Bensafrim
  • off grid
  • suitable for dry and wet agriculture
  • After your project is established you can build
  • Size: 60.250m2
  • Price: €70.000

The land is designated as REN

Housing associated with agriculture, tourism, industry, agro-industry and livestock farming with an implantation area of over 35 m2 and less than 300 m2.
…. that accept construction as long as it is associated with agricultural exploration. With any use – habitation and tourism.

Here in this link is a clarification of the situation of agricultural exploration.

In the case of olive groves, vineyards, orchards, horticultural produce and meadow cultivation, a written agreement is sufficient for the farm to be accepted.

Regarding the information of the architect, If it’s a dry agriculture, there are asking for a culture of 5 hectares and if it’s irrigated, 2,5 hectares.

I want to see this 6.2ha rustic land and want to make a viewing appointment.